Notice of AGM Balbriggan RFC


To be held at: BALBRIGGAN RFC, 8.30pm Wednesday 18th August 2021


Dear Member,

Please take note of the following:

Notice of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Balbriggan RFC has been sent by e-mail to paid up members of the Club earlier this afternoon. This post also provides Notice to the members of the Club of the forthcoming AGM which is to be held at the club’s premises (unless otherwise specified) on Wednesday 18th August at 8.30pm.

Election of Officers: In light of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, and in line with the decisions already by the IRFU, the Leinster Branch IRFU and the North East Area Leinster Branch IRFU, the Executive Committee of Balbriggan RFC have decided to continue each person in their roles on the Executive Committee for the season 2021 – 2022, subject to the members at General Meeting.

As per Article 10 of the Constitution of Balbriggan RFC “Voting Members” as at 1st November 2020 are entitled to vote at the AGM. The Constitution of Balbriggan RFC can be accessed at the Club website at

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic and guided by Government of Ireland advice on health and safety, the AGM may be postponed or cancelled at short notice. In the alternative, the AGM may be switched to “virtual conference call” held by Zoom. Attendees at the AGM will have to comply with social distancing and complete covid-19 health declaration forms.

Attendees must confirm in advance their intention to attend the AGM in order to ensure that a space is reserved and therefore must reply to the Hon Secretary confirming that they will attend.

David McFadden

Honorary Secretary

Balbriggan RFC

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