Balbriggan RFC Child Welfare Policy

Club Welfare Officer: Lisa Kelly


Lisa Kelly  is the Club Welfare Officer for Balbriggan RFC. She is the initial point of contact for all issues identified in these procedures. Lisa can be contacted at  The CWO is committed to maintaining best practice in the area of child protection within Balbriggan RFC and operates in a fully confidential manner.

The role of the Child Welfare Officer is as follows:

    • Act at all times in the best interests of Age Grade Players.
    • Be intimately familiar with the provisions of the Code and Policy and the Guidelines and with such further information and requirements as may be provided or put in place by the IRFU.
    • Communicate with the appropriate Branch Child Welfare Officer on any matter on which the Club Child Welfare Officer considers it necessary to do so, or any matter in relation to Age Grade Players on which the advice or directions of the Union required.
    • Receive from the Branch Child Welfare Officer advice, information and directions from the IRFU concerning Age Grade Players and act accordingly.
    • Inform their Clubs of requirements made by the IRFU concerning Age Grade Players.
    • Ensure that they are in a position to respond accurately and promptly to queries from the IRFU as to the welfare of Age Grade Players in their club generally or in relation to any specific incident which may occur.
    • Be the contact person in the club for the Statutory Authorities regarding the welfare of age grade players.
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Please refer to the IRFU Child Welfare Policy documents for further details on the Child Welfare policies and procedures being practiced by the club.

Club safeguarding statement 2018

IRFU Child Welfare Policy:

Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Children’s



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