Autumn Internationals

Ticket requests for the Autumn Internationals may be made now.   There are three games Japan, New Zealand and Argentina.  Tickets can be ordered for games individually.  Just to note there are no family packs for these games as there were for Autumn internationals in the past.   Also, tickets will be E-tickets so it is imperative that you supply your email address with the ticket.  As Covid rules also apply so your email address is required for contact tracing purposes.

Tickets, once allocated, will be issued by Ticketmaster and you will be paying Ticketmaster directly for your tickets.

The cost of tickets are set out in the table below plus a Ticketmaster charge of €3.50 per ticket.   Just to note that Schools tickets are in a section on their own and adults are not allowed.  We would also note that Balbriggan only have a very small allocation of school tickets (4).

We are unaware of how many tickets will be allocated to us but Leinster have indicated that we will get 70% of our 6 Nations allocation.  We have limited control over the location of tickets as that will be done by Ticketmaster.


Description Japan New Zealand Argentina
Category 1 Stand                       80.00                     125.00                       85.00
Category 2 Stand                       70.00                     115.00                       75.00
Category 3 Stand                       65.00                     110.00                       70.00
Category 4 Stand                       60.00                     105.00                       65.00
Schoolboy/girl                       10.00                       25.00                       15.00



The process is that you complete your order in the format below, indicating the number of tickets you require for each game ensuring that you complete each line


First Name Last Name Email Address Match Ticket Price No of Tickets
New Zealand


If we need to allocate tickets, preference will be given to those who have paid their current season membership   We are setting a max limit of 2 tickets per member to order.  If you wish to sit with other family members or groups wishing to sit together please let me know and we will see what can be done.   If you are ordering for a group of Club members please indicate the other members so that we are aware and don’t unfairly reduce numbers (Remember preference rules will still apply).  If you are ordering for 3 people you can order 6 tickets but you must name the other people.   The Club is responsible for Covid tracking so we do need names and emails.


The Club holds the right to reduce any ticket order so that the aggregate of the Club’s order is in line with 70% of our allocation total.


Please respond only to the following email address –  Only email responses correctly completed will be accepted.


Orders must be back no later than Friday 8th October.   We are told that those who have been successful in ordering tickets will receive emails from Ticketmaster re same on 21st October.   Presumably at that stage you will be required to pay Ticketmaster to release your tickets.

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