BRFC Minis are fielding the following age teams in 2019/20

Under 12s – Born 2008
Coach : Andrew Byrne, John Cumisky,Sam Johnston

Under 11s – Born 2009
Coach : Barry Rooney, Thomas Quigley, Heather Gorman

Under 10s – Born 2010
Coach : Darren McGhee, Barry Murphy, Leslie Hoare, Kieran Herbert

Under 8s – Born 2012
Coach : Sean Barry, Fiach O’Shea, Paddy Mann

Under 6s & 7s – Born 2013/2014
Coach : Ian Tolan

Mini Rugby Coordinator : Eamon Darcy

Mini Rugby is designed to allow all children (both boys and girls) to participate in a team sport which is graded according to their ages. Mini Rugby at all levels is non competative – in that there are no formal leagues or cups which the teams compete for. Instead, the main aim is to introduce the children to the game and to progress the skills and techniques as they themselves grow with it.

At the earliest stages, Under 6/7s the game is non-contact, with the emphasis being on having fun, and developing the basic skills of ball handling and carrying.

Under 8s rugby introduces the concept of tackling – a particular favourite pastime of all children at this age group!

At Under 9 and 10 the players are introduced to the concepts of scrums and lineouts. These are uncontested – in other words it allows the children understand the concept of these formations – with 3 players per team forming a scrum and 2 players per team in the lineout

At Under 11s positions for players begin to be introduced – a common misconception amongst children (and some adults) is that the back row are defenders as per many other team sports, and the forwards are the attackers. Rugby is the opposite, and it is at this age that the skills required for reach discipline are covered.

At Under12 the game grows to larger team sizes, more formal team positioning and skills – an excellent foundation for the move to Youths rugby.


At BRFC all of our Mini’s coaches receive formal IRFU coaching from the Leinster Rugby Branch, and have undergone complete Child Protection vetting and training.

BRFC Minis train every Thursday night from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, and all children are welcome to come along and try it out – no pun intended!

If you require any more information on Mini Rugby, or on Balbriggan RFC in general, please email



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